3 Tips to secure your door on a budget | Fort Security Doors
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3 Tips to secure your door on a budget

3 Tips to secure your door on a budget

Securing your door is highly important to improve the security of your home. Doors can be highly fragile and securing them with these three simple tips that will help you improve your security.

Install Deadbolt locks

Installing deadbolt locks into your door will increase the security of your home. This is because a one-sided deadbolt lock can only be locked and unlocked from the inside. This secures your home when inside completely. Deadbolt locks also extend out into the door-jamb opening. This means that your door has extra reinforcement by the metal plate.

Add indoor lock

A simple indoor lock can go a long way. This means that even if burglars try to pick or chip at your lock you will have another lock securing your home. The slot to lock the door acts as reinforcements for your door to stay shut during a forced entry. This cheap means of security can help secure your home and is simple to use.

Reinforce the doors

Door reinforcement is always a good idea. Changing or fixing your existing hinges is important. Doors can be easily kicked in if they have a hollow core or the screws are short and old. Make sure to replace short screws with long hinges (about 3 inches long) to fully secure the hinges. This will secure the hinges to the door and the studs in the frame of the door.

Always ensure that you have light outside next to your door and that you keep your doors locked.